Online Orders

All online orders are considered formal product enquiries. There is no online payment transaction nor nationwide delivery. Yogis Online Store is a catalog of the products Yogis is most likely to have in stock at any given time. Please note that a discrepancy may arise between product levels displayed on the website and actual stock levels. That is the reason why no payment or shipping is stipulated on the website.

We ask you kindly to use the “Check Availability” function for each product you wish to order. This sends a product enquiry email to Yogis who will then confirm whether that product is available or not.

COVID-19 NOTICE: Given the restrictions imposed by the South African Government due to Coronavirus, these are the conditions set out to manage online orders. All orders will need to be collected from the Yogis store. The open times may be affected by COVID-19 restrictions. And therefore we ask you to kindly make direct contact with Mr Yogesh Govan (owner to Yogis) with regards to collection and payment of all orders.

Call: +27 84 705 6665

We thank you for your business and hope you well during this time.

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